Pelec Cruiser III

Take a trip in the harsh off-road conditions with “Pelec Cruiser III”.

Are you afraid to get stuck in the snow or in the mud? Are you afraid to overturn on the water and drown in the swamp?  With our new «Pelec Cruiser III» you won’t.

And it is available to everyone who lives in in the harsh off-road conditions.

It will pass through the swamp, river or mud.

"Pelec Cruiser III" is able to adapt quickly when it crosses from the dirt road on marshland or water.

“Pelec Cruiser III” is able to overcome the wetlands and it can stay afloat even if its cargo is overloaded. It is possible because “Pelec Cruiser III” has the high board and increased engine output and new comfort suspension with reinforced caterpillar.

Take your friends with you.

«Pelec Cruiser III” – it is the best choice for hunters fishermen or for those who are engaged in cargo transportation in the off-road conditions. It has four seats: one to driver and three to passengers.

Due to the optimization of space, high sides and increased engine power, the new "Pelec Cruiser III" is able not only to withstand loads up to 450 kg, but also pull a further 600 kg!

You will be comfortable!

"Pelec Cruiser III" is protected from dirt and rain. Optionally, you can purchase a canopy that will protect you, your friends and your cargo in adverse weather conditions.

Even in the base "Pelec Cruiser III" is equipped with everything you need! It is a versatile all-terrain vehicle, which has the best price for the high functionality.

Price: 569 700 руб.
Engine power h/p28
Fuel typegasoline
Engine type2-cylinder, V-twin, 4-stroke
Engine supply systemcarburetor
Engine size, cc680
Fuel consumption, l/hот 3
Transmissioncontinuously variable V-belt CVT, 5 forward, 1 reverse gear
Body typesteel bearing with integrated frame
Body dimensions, mm2850 х 1700 х 1900
Track width, mm380
Ground speed(max), km/h35
Water speed(max), km/h4
Payload, kg450
System voltage, V12
Brakeshydraulic disc
Cooling systemforced air
Curb weight, kg620
Turning radius, m0
Clearance, mm300
Suspensionlever-spring independent
Price569 700 руб
Available options 
Photo Title Price Add
Trailer "P 300" (for carriage "Peleс Pilgrim" / "Peleс Cruiser") 89 900 руб
Awning for "Peleс Cruiser" (black) 26 000 руб
Parking Case for "Peleс Cruiser" / "Peleс Rover" 16 000 руб
Additional Fully galvanized body "Pelec Cruiser" (applied to the powder coating) 52 800 руб
Repainting the roof (black, green, khaki, blue, etc.) 6 050 руб
Repainting the body (khaki, gray, white, red, blue) 4 500 руб
Extended Vehicle Protection 3 850 руб
Windshield with electric wiper and washer 27 500 руб
Front bumper 6 000 руб
The front bumper with integrated winch (force 1600 kg) 27 500 руб
Front bumper for with integrated winch (force 1600 kg) and a built-in transom to install boat motor 30 000 руб
Square hitch ball mount 6 050 руб
Cylinders to provide additional buoyancy, increase cargo capacity and sustainability on water 64 000 руб
Front and rear turn signals 6 050 руб
Snow blade (requires a front bumper with winch) 29 700 руб
Two extensions to snow blade (to increase in the amount of the snow blade) 3 850 руб
Extension to snow blade (to increase in the amount of the snow blade) 4 950 руб
Крюк для зацепления в лёд (усиленный, 4 лапы) 9 020 руб
Крюк для зацепления в лед (2 лапы) 6 600 руб
Домкрат надувной до 3 т 9 850 руб
Усиленная гусеница (запасная) 31 200 руб
Ремень вариатора для "Пелец Круизер" (запасной) 2 600 руб
Комплект инструментов в пластиковом кейсе 9 000 руб
Sunroof 19 800 руб
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