Pelec Transporter

Meet the top model of amphibious crawlers: “Pelec Transporter”

       Your ambitious plans of conquering the off-road will become a reality with brand new all-terrain vehicle “Pelec Transporter”! The most functional and versatile amphibious ATV will replace several vehicles for hunters, fishermen, rescue services, and those who work in out-road conditions.

The most powerful “Pelec”

“Transporter” is the flagship of “Pelec”. It can accelerate up to 80 km/h! The speed is limited to 49 km/h to improve safety avoiding accidents and to increase its power on the impassable sites. “Pelec Transporter” has three configurations depending on the engine’s type and volume: four-stroke gasoline (993cc) and diesel (1123cc).

We always test our products and improve the ATV’s performance.


Be sure: you will quickly get to the emergency place with a team of rescuers and necessary equipment!

You’re able to get to the burning village through the mud and swamps. You’ll successfully evacuate local people and localize fire sources with the help of special fire installation (located in the cargo bay).

If you’re searching for missing people – “Pelec Transporter” with its powerful lights providing excellent visibility will help even in the dark night. UAV installed on the roof (with a thermal imager) provides a good overview for miles around.

You’ll be able to save drowning fisherman – no matter in winter or summer. Capacity allows carrying a group of victims and providing first aid: there is enough place for special equipment.

Extend the functionality

Due to the increased largo bay (1090 l) and a large set of options “Pelec Tranporter” can be turned into snow thrower, rescue boat, bulldozer, mobile drilling rig and other useful vehicles. Rescuers may need a motor pump. We can offer some accessories like stretchers for evaquation etc.

Rivers and lakes: want to have a trip?

“Pelec Transporter” is a great on water! Only due to its tracks “Pelec Transpoter” reaches 5-6 km/h. If you install the outboard motor – the speed will be significantly increased. You can climb on the roof and enjoy the perfect views or even sunbath! “Pelec Transporter” has low gravity center and optimal balance. So, it’s very stable on the water.

Having some questions or problems with a choice? Contact us and buy your “Pelec Transporter”!

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Price: 1 986 325 руб.
Engine power h/p5626
Fuel typegasolinediesel
Engine type3-cylinder in-line, 4-stroke, 6-valvediesel, 3-cylinder, in-line
Engine supply systeminjector from Boschdirect injection
Engine size, cc9931 123
Fuel consumption, l/hот 6от 4
Tank capacity, l3232
Transmissioncontinuously variable V-belt CVT, 3 forward gears, 1 reverse gearcontinuous closed CVT, 3 forward gears, 1 reverse gear
Body typesteel bearing with integrated framesteel bearing with integrated frame
Body dimensions, mm2800 х 1650 х 1200*2800 х 1650 х 1200*
Track width, mm380380
Track leg length, mm17501750
Ground speed(max), km/h4928
Water speed(max), km/h66
Payload, kg600600
System voltage, V1212
Brakeshydraulic dischydraulic disc
Cooling systemliquidliquid
Curb weight, kg855885
Turning radius, m00
Clearance, mm300300
Price1 986 325 руб1 986 325 руб
Available options 
Photo Title Price Add
Trailer (for transportation) 147 000 руб
Awning (black) 46 805 руб
Side tent for hardtop 31 499 руб
Parking tent 19 800 руб
Optional full galvanization of AATV body (applied before powder coating) 63 800 руб
Hard aluminum top with luggage trunk, stairs and tent 32 384 руб
AATV body repainting (black, khaki, grey, white, red, etc.) 18 469 руб
Windshield with electric wiper and washer 20 114 руб
Front bumper 6 000 руб
Front bumper with integrated winch (1600 kg force) 32 400 руб
Rear bumper with mudguards and aluminum footrests 10 500 руб
Rear bumper with integrated winch (1600 kg force) 38 500 руб
Transom height for outboard motors 6 600 руб
Square tube to hutch ball mount (40x40 мм.) 2 200 руб
Square hitch ball mount 6 050 руб
Length way passenger seats with water proof under seat drawers and soft removable back 50 347 руб
Front seat safety belts 4 516 руб
The ignition lock, locks on cowling and under seat boxes with universal key 10 450 руб
Glove compartment (with lock) 10 725 руб
Extra outlet on the passenger side (2 pieces) 3 850 руб
Interior heater "Webasto" 113 218 руб
The fan-assisted windshield heater 22 000 руб
Fixed remote control for the front and rear winches mounted on the passenger side 5 946 руб
Snow blade (requires a front bumper with winch) 37 571 руб
Extension to snow blade (to increase in the amount of the snow blade) 4 950 руб
Two extensions to snow blade (to increase in the amount of the snow blade) 3 850 руб
Stretchers for casualty evacuation 88 000 руб
Stretchers for casualty evacuation foldable, compact 13 200 руб
Cylinders to provide additional buoyancy, increase cargo capacity and sustainability on water 80 960 руб
Courtesy light 5 946 руб
LED floodlights on hardtop (2 pcs) 19 734 руб
LED rear light 11 385 руб
Rear brake light 11 259 руб
Front and rear turn signals 11 259 руб
Spotlight 9 488 руб
Увеличенный топливный бак для "Пелец Транспортер" (32 литра) 9 750 руб
Автоматическая трюмная помпа 10 050 руб
Трюмная помпа 8 060 руб
Крюк для зацепления в лёд (усиленный, 4 лапы) 9 020 руб
Крюк для зацепления в лед (2 лапы) 6 600 руб
Подвесное спальное место, устанавливаемое на жесткую крышу "Пелец Транспортер 1000" 26 400 руб
Tent "Pelec" for installation on aluminum top, for too person, from awning fabric 19 800 руб
Variator / CVT belt (reserve) 2 600 руб
Hard track for Pelec Trancporter 47 800 руб
Sunroof 19 800 руб
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