The mobile drillIng mashins based of the AATV "Pelec Transporter"

For the most drilling works mobile drilling rigs can be used (drilling of engineering, technical and geological wells, vertical or inclined wells with washing or an air). Mobile drilling rigs placed on the motor-carriage provide increasing of their capacity due to mechanization and automation of operations.

As usual, the drilling rig consists of several blocks – the boring block (a rotator and a mast), oil station with the drive from the gas- or the diesel motor (with power from 5 to 20 Kw), the compressor (motor-pump), the control panel, some a sets of the service equipment and tools.

AATV «Pelec Transporter» (amphibian all-terrain vehicle) has a combination of unique technical characteristics:

·         huge loading capacity – allow to place all parts of mobile drilling rig within AATV;

·         steel body – provides a lot of configuration options (due to tasks) for placement of mobile drilling rig parts, the service equipment and tools within AATV;

·         High off-road capabilities and fuel efficiency – give opportunity to use the mobile drilling rig on AATV in the most remote and stiff terrains, especially in situations when using of heavy all-terrain vehicles are limited or impossible (mire, river, lake, strongly cross-country terrain, forest).

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