Special warranty for all ATVs "Pelec"!

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All occasion off-road vehicle!

Forget about a large number of all-terrain vehicles: “Pelec” combines them into one. The engine of versatile ATV “Pelec” starts up in all kind of weather and is always ready to surf the harsh swampy areas!

Unique transport for hunting, fishing and extreme vacation

Take somebody, grab the necessary equipment and go through the marshland to find a good place for hunting. Want to stay overnight somewhere in the forest? No problem: you can do it right there, in the ATV! There’s no need to buy a tent or a trailer.

Go on a float trip! Amphibious all-terrain crawler will help you – no need to buy a boat. You can increase ATV’s speed by setting the outboard motor and then travel, go fishing or even sunbath on the roof!

Extreme rest will be more emotional: you will surf the places that cannot be available for car’s wheels or man’s feet.

Multifunctional worker for your business

You can easily get to the workplace with the help of our off-road vehicles “Pelec”! High carrying capacity will allow:

  • Delivering the necessary equipment (drilling rig or smth else) to the workplace;
  • Carrying a working brigade with their instruments;
  • Organizing an expedition.

You can always extend functionality of the multipurpose vehicle “Pelec” by using a variety of special options and devices.

Life-saving vehicles

Our company constantly cooperates with rescue services, and this experience has proved that “Pelec” helps:

  • Rescue the fishermen sinking in the middle of the river without any risk of damaging the vehicle;
  • Protect the whole village from fire;
  • Save people and their pets during a flood;
  • Organize serious search & rescue operations.

And what’s the most important – “Pelec” is able to bring you to the place of a disaster very quickly. No matter how difficult is the way!

Developers always offer turnkey solutions in order to equip rescue services with high-quality ATVs and options.

Your farm assistant

Purchasing a tractor or snow thrower is no longer necessary. Compact and versatile all-terrain vehicle “Pelec” can be turned into a perfect assistant with some special optional devices.

ATV’s cost: like a quad bike’s!

One ATV “Pelec” frees you from buying a set of off-road vehicles.  No need to spend money on special services. “Pelec” also has low fuel consumption and costs as a simple quad bike.

ATV which is able to cross the swamp, float on water and surf the snow – is no longer a dream!

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ATVs “Pelec” in Spain

Test drive of ATVs “Pelec” was in Spain in November of 2017. It was on 1500 – 1800 above sea level. We tested «Pelec Mini III» with “Honda” engine during this test drive. It perfectly shows themselves on steep climbs and descents when moving with a passenger and an additional cargo. Also we demonstrated "Pelec Mini III" patency on rocks and snow, wetlands and other various obstacles.

ATVs “Pelec” in Canada

ATVs “Pelec” from the Canadian trip and "Toronto Snowmobile ATV & Powersports Show". It was great.


ATVs "Pelec" in Canada. Day 1

The first photos of ATVs "Pelec" in Canada. Demonstrated ATV to our distributors in the USA.


ATVs "Pelec" on "Toronto Snowmobile ATV & Powersports Show"

ATVs "Pelec" will take part in the "Toronto Snowmobile ATV & Powersports Show", which will be held from 20 to 22 October 2017 in Toronto, Ontario (CA).
If you want to see real steel ATVs from Russia  come to our booth – 2307 in the Hall 2. We will show you two our ATVs – 2-seats “Pelec Mini III” and 4-seats “Pelec Cruiser III”. It will be interesting!

New ATV - «Pelec Mini III»

We are glad to introduce a new amphibious all-terrain vehicle «Pelec Mini III».


"Pelec Mini II - 700". Promo video.

Promo - video "Pelec Mini II - 700" now available for viewing on the official channel of ATV "Pelec" in Youtube.
This video describes the benefits of the new all-terrain vehicle "Pelec Mini II", and demonstrated its ability to overcome the offroad.
Enjoy watching. We are waiting for your comments.


Пелец Круизер 690


В июле приехал купленный Пелец Круизер 690. 7 августа удалось покататься. Проехали по лесу , болоту, порыбачили на Ящере. Все прошло отлично.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OODimIm5Dec

Архангельская область, Онега

49 лет
Архангельская область, Онега

здравствуйте Тамара ! модуль собрали.очень здорово ехать и рулить легко и поворачивать ! классно!!!

Inokenti, Котлас

34 лет

Зимой приобрёл "Пельца") Пока маленького (300 кубов). Как купил, сразу погнал его на "покатушки". Взял с собой друга и алкоголь) Поиздевались мы над ним на славу, но прямо скажу, эта маленькая машинка удивила нас в хорошем смысле!


Pelec Mini III


We are glad to introduce a new amphibious all-terrain vehicle «Pelec Mini III». This is a familiar and at the same time a completely new «Peleс Mini», in which we have made many changes and have made it a more comfortable, safe and passable.

from: 498 000 руб.

Pelec Cruiser III

Take a trip in the harsh off-road conditions with “Pelec Cruiser III”.

Are you afraid to get stuck in the snow or in the mud? Are you afraid to overturn on the water and drown in the swamp?  With our new «Pelec Cruiser III» you won’t.

And it is available to everyone who lives in in the harsh off-road conditions.

It will pass through the swamp, river or mud.

"Pelec Cruiser III" is able to adapt quickly when it crosses from the dirt road on marshland or water.

from: 569 700 руб.

Pelec Rover

Looking for a powerful and functional all-terrain vehicle? “Pelec” represents brand new updated “Rover”. Those who work o have a rest in the harsh off-road conditions rated its soft and comfortable suspension, new engine and ergonomics that was improved for the driver and passengers. “Rover” is the amphibious crawler which doesn’t cost much more than a quad bike!

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from: 699 000 руб.

Pelec Transporter

Your ambitious plans of conquering the off-road will become a reality with brand new all-terrain vehicle “Pelec Transporter”! The most functional and versatile amphibious ATV will replace several vehicles for hunters, fishermen, rescue services, and those who work in out-road conditions

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from: 884 000 руб.