Пелец Круизер III
Пелец Транспортер 1000
Пелец Транспортер D
Price567 000 руб1 550 000 руб1 884 000 руб
Engine type2-cylinder, V-twin, 4-stroke3-cylinder in-line, 4-stroke, 6-valvediesel, 3-cylinder, in-line
Engine supply systemcarburetorinjector from Boschdirect injection
Transmissioncontinuously variable V-belt CVT, 5 forward, 1 reverse gearcontinuously variable V-belt CVT, 3 forward gears, 1 reverse gearcontinuous closed CVT, 3 forward gears, 1 reverse gear
System voltage, V121212
Brakeshydraulic dischydraulic dischydraulic disc
Water speed(max), km/hДо 3До 6До 6
Cooling systemforced airliquidliquid
Payload, kg550600600
Clearance, mm300300300
Curb weight, kgn\an\a1 115
Turning radius, m000
Ground speed(max), km/hДо 30До 49До 28
Track leg length, mmn\a17501750
Fuel consumption, l/hот 5от 6от 4
Engine size, cc7509931 123
Fuel typegasolinegasolinediesel
Tank capacity, l403232
Track width, mm380380380
Body dimensions, mm2850 х 1700 х 19002800 х 1650 х 1200*2800 х 1650 х 1200*
Body typesteel bearing with integrated framesteel bearing with integrated framesteel bearing with integrated frame
Suspensionlever-spring independentspringspring
Engine power h/p305626