Frequently Asked Questions

Do the AATV "Pelec" ask some registration procedure? Do you need a special driving license?
In Russia, the AATV’s are subject to registration in GosTeckhNadzor. 
You also must have a category “A” driver license.
Ask about rules for AATV’s registration and admission for operation in the relevant government traffic agency in your country.



How does the customer service for ATV’s "Pelec" owners works?

You can ask any questions you would like to email, by phone +7(8202)53-83-64 or within our website online chat


What about the AATV "Pelec" behavior on different types of soil and on water?


The unique amphibious all-terrain vehicles "Peleс" has excellent off-road capabilities: any types of soil, swamps, rivers, mud roads, steep slopes, wetlands and flooded banks of rivers and lakes, AATV can go on open water surface, independently get away from the ice hole on the ice, snow with any depth (soft or packed snow).

ATV has a fully welded body, so the unique stability of the AATV "Pelec" on the water, comparable to the boat. For example, you can climb on the "Pelec Transporter" roof without overturn fear even if AATV float by water surface.

Tracked AATVs amphibious "Peleс" easily go from land to water and back, they move well on their “tracks” on water (speed up to 6 km/h), through the swamp, on land (speed up to 70 km/h). While, the wheeled ATVs to pass the marsh or others soft soils – require “to dress the caterpillar", for “open water” or hard soils driving – ask "remove caterpillars” and use "wheels". On wheeled ATVs "removal and Installation tracks” - a very long time operation, which is difficult to implement in the field conditions. Moreover, in this case, heavy and bulky tracks have to be carrying on the ATV board.

In any case, we recommend you to learn the rules of tracked all-terrain vehicle driving for different types of soil.

Do I need special operation skills to drive Pelec?

Technique has a user-friendly operation service of the tractor or motorcycle type.

We recommend you to explore the main differences of track vehicle operation, as well as AATV’s with a trailer operation.


What is the independent expert’s opinion about all-terrain vehicles "Pelec"?


You will able to find Information about the results of test-drives of amphibious all-terrain vehicle "Pelets" in these journals:

  • "Full drive 4x4";
  • "Fishing and Hunting".

And on the TV channels:

  • "Hunting and fishing"; 
  • "Hunter and Fisher";
  • "Drive".
To buy a AATV “Pelec”? It's easy!

You should just:

1. Select the rover and to determine the complete set.

2. Leave an application (online, by email or phone).

3. To get a new AATV “Pelec”.

For the sales agreement execution, we need to get form you the following info:


- Company profile (company name, tax number, registration number, bank information, post address)

- Ccontact information (name, phone, email).


- Contact information (name, phone, e-mail).

- Contract information - passport or ID info (name and number, issued and valid dates, citizenship, given name and surname).

- Delivery information - the full address of living (incl. ZIP code, country, state or region, and so on).

You may ask any questions by e-mail; phones +7(8202)53-83-64; online chat on our website


How do you deliver terrain vehicle "Pelets"? Shipping cost?

First that you need to do - it is choose the way of shipping that more suitable for you:

1.Pickup in the Gazelle or a car trailer (please check the size and load capacity of the trailer). You can buy the trailer for AATV Pelec transportation on public roads as additional option;

2.By transport companies (road transport) or in sea (rail) containers.

Shipping cost can be obtained from us or your nearest dealer.


Are your products put into production? Is it possible to visit the plant?


AATVs Pelec are made as the “mass product” in the base version. In addition, each customer can choose the color and options for his amphibious all-terrain vehicle Pelec, according to the supposed operating conditions or assigned tasks.

Each customer can visit the plant. You will able to learn the history and development of the company, the new models development process, learn the basics of computer-aided design and 3D modeling of all-terrain vehicles, look at quality management system and ISO, learn about the customer service and technical support, Code of Ethics will be also introduced for you.

Production plant is located within the industrial area of the "GC Severstal" in Cherepovets, Vologda region. 

Is the engine of AATV “Pelec” noisy for hunting?

The engine is quite quiet and does not interfere for hunting. All AATV “Pelec” forced with enhanced isolation from noise and vibration.

When and where can I test ATVs "Pelec"? When and where test-drive runs?


The company participates in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. You can see and test AATV Pelec on our factory or in the dealer showrooms.

We organize test drives every month in various regions of Russia. You can find exhibition plans on our website under "The News" section.

You can order a test-drive under the manufacturer or dealer service in any time you would like to. Ability of test drive running is limited only by the availability of appropriate AATV’s in your nearest dealer showroom.

Technical support requirements:

Questions about warranty service and technical support are taken in writing form by mail

Please indicate:

1. Model of AATV Pelec.

2. The number for the body or sales agreement number or scan copy.

3. Data of purchase.

4. Owner personal data (name & surname).

5. Contacts: phone, email, post address (address of living).

6. Clear, complete and understanding description of the faced problem and circumstances that led to this situation (this will help us to correctly answer your question).

7. Photos in good quality.

Please note that provide a competent support service or give a correct technical advice during the phone call is very difficult.

If you have any questions please call free at 7 (800) 700-27-04.

Are there any publications in the print media about your product? Do you run (or plan to run) advertising about your products on TV, radio?


Information about terrain vehicle "Pelec" are appeared in the magazine:

  • "4x4 wheel drive"; 
  • Fishing and Hunting". 

The same has been advertising on the channels of cable TV "Hunting and Fishing", "Hunter and Fisher" and "Drive."

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