Terms of use

Manuals (download):

Terms of use of all-terrain vehicles "Pelec."

Before exploiting ATV “Pelec”, read your ATV’s manual and learn how to control ATV in an open area away from buildings, trees and other obstacles. Start to drive very slowly, always be careful and attentive.

In the first weeks of driving the risk of accidents is particularly high. During this period, be particularly vigilant. Always consider the environmental conditions.

Safety measures for the owner/driver:

  • Make sure that the driver read the manual;
  • Driver must have the right tractor drivers (tractor) category not lower than A1.
  • The driver must be over 16 years old. Children under 16 can not cope with the ATV which can lead to death.
  • Driver can not drive on ATV in alcohol or drug intoxication;
  • Use protective helmet with eye protection;
  • Before and during movement through the water, follow the safety precautions and follow the procedures that describes in the manuals;
  • During the long trips on ATV, we also recommend using special equipment with noise protection;
  • First aid kit, fire extinguisher, set of tools - are a necessity in the ATV;
  • Before engine starting, check if there were any drips of fuel, and if there were, wipe them immediately. Gasoline potentially explosive.
  • During the trips the passengers should seat on the seats and hold on to the handrails and wearing personal protective equipment appropriate driving conditions (helmet, goggles, life jacket on the water, etc.).
  • Do not overload your ATV and choose right speed mode for different road situation. 
  • Do not accelerate to the high speed when driving on unfamiliar or rugged road. It can avoid injury and damage.
  • There are some roads that can not be cross even on the ATV. Do not try to move around the area, if you are not sure that you will cross it.
  • We do not recommend making long trips on roads with a firm coating (eg, asphalt and concrete). 
  • Do not forget about common sense when you driving an ATV.
Always be aware of safety when you driving ATV. This technique is often used in the uncharted and dangerous areas. Do not forget that you are fully responsible for you and your the passengers lifes.