Track setter "Snowmatic RZK Classic"

"Snowmatic RZK Classic" –special equipment for ski track setting in the snow cover. Use "Snowmatic RZK Classic" with your ATV or snowmobile.

Dimensions (L * W * H), mm: 1000 * 650 * 220;

Weight, kg.: 19.5;

Distance between trails along axes, mm: 230 - 250;

Track depth, mm.: 50 - 80;

25 790 руб.

Snowgroomer SNOWMATIC ST 200

EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVE https://snowtechnic.com/

The Snowgroomer Snowmatic ST 200 has been developed on the basis of many years of experience in the sales and service of snow compaction equipment. The Snowmatic ST 200 was specially designed for the maintenance of ski runs and biathlon stadiums, lightweight, maneuverable, economical, it is ideal for preparing ski and biathlon competitions or for laying tracks in the forest in hard-to-reach places.

6 325 000 руб.

Snow cutter «Snowmatic i1»

Snow cutter «Snowmatic» used into the forests, park areas with active ski-track usage, ski stadium, for surface milling under ski lifts, in the baby lift operation places, for snow tube tracks preparation. Snow cutter «Snowmatic» provides fast and high-quality lining the ski slopes (in any snow conditions) and successfully keep it in working order.

860 000 руб.

Reed cutter on ATV

Reed cutter it is special equipment that can help you to discard from reed or bulrush. You will enjoy it if you want to ennoble or clean your coastline.

Thanks to the hydraulic driving mechanism, the machine is very stable to operate. Reed cutter is delivered complete with the hydraulic unit. A stone release protects the knife from being damaged by solid objects.

Reed cutter is very easy to maintain. And it is very easy to install or uninstall on atv’s body.

Working width: 1,5 m.

Cutting depth: 1,1 m.

Driving: hydraulic engine.

Weight: 75 kg.

«Snowmatic» sledge

«Snowmatic» sledge – it is special equipment that can convey passengers through the snow. Sledge are feature by all necessary facility for comfort and safety convey:

171 350 руб.

Hydroseeder "GEOGRASS 2500"

Hydroseeder  "GEOGRASS 2500" – it is a special equipment for grass maintaining.

High volume hydraulic-system reservoir of «GEOGRASS 2500» makes possible to work at the high speed. Thereby you do not need much time to reloading hydroseeder.

Spacious foot platform of «GEOGRASS 2500» provides an opportunity to float mulching in comfort. Ergonomical water gun gives qualitative blend diffusion.

Shaft drive - hydraulic.

Interfusion - auger-drill / elbow out / reverse.

Work distance (with turret) – 100 m.

Maximum pumping over range – 40 m.

1 349 000 руб.

Snow compactor «Snowmatic KTK 1400»

Snow compactor «Snowmatic KTK 1400» it is the special equipment for snow cover compaction. It can be used on any type of snow surface.

«Snowmatic KTK 1400» ram down snow cover when you use it with your ATV or snowmobile. «Snowmatic KTK 1400» are very useful when you need to prepare a large area after big snowfall.

You need to fit «Snowmatic KTK 1400» with tires. You can use tires by 13 or 15 radiuses.

Dimensions (L * W * H), mm:  1350*1500*400.

Weight, kg: 42 (without the tires).

27 500 руб.

Snow grooming drag "Snowmatic BRN 1400"

"Snowmatic BRN 1400" – equipment for ski tracks preparing. You can use it when you need to prepare track for skate skiing or for snowmobile tracks.

Due to design and construction "Snowmatic BRN 1400" becoming your best friend when you need to loosen, flatten or obturate snow cover.

There are three elements in "Snowmatic BRN 1400" construction:

41 285 руб.

The mobile drillIng mashins based of the AATV "Pelec Transporter"

For the most drilling works mobile drilling rigs can be used (drilling of engineering, technical and geological wells, vertical or inclined wells with washing or an air). Mobile drilling rigs placed on the motor-carriage provide increasing of their capacity due to mechanization and automation of operations.

Fire-fighting system UPTV-300/500

For completing of rescue and fire-fighting cars and emergency cars the UPTV-300 unit is used. This unit has a water reserve mobile tank of 300 or 500 liters and may be mounted in a cargo space of “Pelets Transporter” (extra water storage may be located in a trailer). UPTV-300 is completed with the high pressure pump (capacity 30 l/min) and a special high-pressure firefighting hose up to 80 m long.