This all-season motorized towing vehicle will become a universal assistant for everyone who loves outdoor activities. Hunting, fishing, traveling - everything is available to you with X-DOG.

Lightweight and compact motobuks "X-DOG" is able to move at any time of the year in almost any type of soil.

X-DOG ”carries up to 250 kg in a towed sleigh. This allows you to find all the necessary equipment.

The reliable design of X-DOG was developed on the basis of our many years of experience in designing all-weather all-terrain vehicles. We provide protection for the drive chain and suspension carriages. Be sure that you will always come back from your trip. The soft suspension provides maximum comfort and makes it easy to control the towing vehicle even in open off-road areas.

The bright LED headlight of the towing truck creates excellent visibility in the dark. Wide caterpillar 500 mm. gives the motorized towing vehicle unsurpassed passability on snow or marshy soil.

Evaluate the capabilities of X-DOG. Order a motobuks from a dealer in your city!

Basic equipment:

- Bright LED headlight.
- Engine: "Zongshen" 15 hp (4200 rpm)
- Variable speed drive "Safari" with a double support transmission with self-centering bearings
- Suspension: all-weather roller
- Security check
- Disc brake with parking function
- Car fasteners (strength class 8.8)
- Closed steel hood
- Reinforced shafts and drive chain with protection
- Reinforced frame frame from a bent profile (20x20x2mm)
- Bumper - handle
- Reinforced towbar
- Front and rear mudguard
- LED optics
- Magneto-generator for connecting add. equipment.


Price: 95 700 руб.
Engine power h/p15
Fuel typegasoline
Engine type1-cylinder, 4-stroke
Engine supply systemcarburetor
Fuel consumption, l/hот 3
Tank capacity, l7
Body dimensions, mm1448*632*778
Track width, mm500
Ground speed(max), km/hДо 40
Payload, kg350+
Curb weight, kg139
Price95 700 руб
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