Pelec Rover

New era of the amphibious ATV “Pelec Rover”

Looking for a powerful and functional all-terrain vehicle? “Pelec” represents brand new updated “Rover”. Those who work o have a rest in the harsh off-road conditions rated its soft and comfortable suspension, new engine and ergonomics that was improved for the driver and passengers. “Rover” is the amphibious crawler which doesn’t cost much more than a quad bike!

Adapting to any conditions

You have a great opportunity to adapt your “Pelec” to any conditions defined by severe off-road. Five-position transmission allows you to select the ATV’s operating mode for each track section. Rover is also distinguished by its engine. Kohler, made in USA (Briggs and Stratton are also available), is the standard of safety for all-terrain vehicles. It was tested in the harsh snowy, swampy, watered areas and showed the excellent result!

High comfort level

Remember how hard it was, when your previous vehicle shook you at any bump on the way! A small log seemed to be an insurmountable barrier. “Pelec Rover” deals with such problems! Forget about the feeling which makes you afraid of being stuck or flipped.

Powerful but simple

Crawler driving becomes much easier. “Pelec Rover” has a motorcycle rudder with mounted informative display of the board computer (speedometer, tachometer, temperature gauge, hour meter and more).

Take some people and hit the gas!

“Pelec Rover” allows taking three passengers. It’s load capacity reaches 750 kg. This will be enough to go hunting, fishing or going to your workplace with heavy equipment and necessary instruments.

Each owner of “Pelec Rover” can prove the fact of constant developing and improving the techniques of our company. It’s ready to serve you in all kind of weather all year round.

Having some questions or problems with a choice? Contact us and buy your “Pelec Rover”


Price: 975 000 руб.
Engine power h/p35
Fuel typegasoline
Engine type2-cylinder, V-twin, 4-stroke
Engine supply systemcarburetor
Engine size, cc1 000
Fuel consumption, l/hот 4
Tank capacity, l40
Transmissioncontinuously variable V-belt CVT, 5 forward, 1 reverse gear
Body typesteel bearing with integrated frame
Body dimensions, mm2850 х 1700 х 1900
Track width, mm380
Track leg length, mm1485
Ground speed(max), km/h35
Water speed(max), km/h4
Payload, kg750
System voltage, V12
Brakeshydraulic disc
Cooling systemforced air
Curb weight, kg650
Turning radius, m0
Clearance, mm320
Suspensionlever and spring
Price975 000 руб
Available options 
Photo Title Price Add
Awning (khaki, red etc) 29 000 руб
Side tent for hardtop 19 400 руб
Side tent for hardtop 50 600 руб
Windshield with electric wiper and washer 27 500 руб
Cylinders to provide additional buoyancy, increase cargo capacity and sustainability on water 80 960 руб
Integrated luggage boot 12 100 руб
Square hitch ball mount 6 050 руб
Snow blade (requires a front bumper with winch) 37 571 руб
Extension to snow blade (to increase in the amount of the snow blade) 4 950 руб
Two extensions to snow blade (to increase in the amount of the snow blade) 3 850 руб
Автоматическая трюмная помпа 10 050 руб
Courtesy light 5 946 руб
Spotlight 9 488 руб
Rear brake light 11 259 руб
Spare rubber track 34 650 руб
Sunroof 19 800 руб
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