Fire-fighting system UPTV-300/500

For completing of rescue and fire-fighting cars and emergency cars the UPTV-300 unit is used. This unit has a water reserve mobile tank of 300 or 500 liters and may be mounted in a cargo space of “Pelets Transporter” (extra water storage may be located in a trailer). UPTV-300 is completed with the high pressure pump (capacity 30 l/min) and a special high-pressure firefighting hose up to 80 m long.

UPTV-300 is used for fire extinguishing at an initial stage of burning, as a part of the of fast strike force, that arriving the first to the place of an emergency situation. In case of more serious fire situation, UPTV-300 is used for control of fire escalation before main force arrival.

Also UPTV-300 is able to build up a “sprayed water wall” to provide an extra protection of people and the equipment against a thermal radiation or a smoke.

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